• Eimund Nygaard is CEO at Lyse AS.

    Half year result 2017: 492 million

    - The result reflects good underlying operations within the business areas energy, telecom and electricity grid, and the result is in line with our expectations, says CEO Eimund Nygaard.

  • Eimund Nygaard. Foto.

    Half-year result 2016: 630 million

    The Lyse Group had an operating profit the first half year of 1290 million, an increase of 420 million compared with last year. The half year result is characterised by high power production, stable growth within telecommunications and power grid operations with few interruptions. Revenue of 51 per cent of the gain on the sale of the LNG plant in Risavika contributes 219 million in operating profit.

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    Nordic Edge launches news site

    Nordic Edge Expo continues to grow following its successful start last year. Now they’re launching a website for Nordic smart city news.

  • Eimund Nygaard. Photo.

    2015 result: 708 million

    Lyse had a net profit of 708 million in 2015. Also last year was characterised by low power prices, and high production did not compensate for the drop in market prices for power. The telecom business area continues to grow, and has strengthened its market position also through last year.

  • Nordic Edge Expo.

    Microsoft ready for Nordic Edge

    The smart city event, Nordic Edge Expo, in Stavanger, Norway continues to grow following its successful start last year. Microsoft Europe joins forces to make Nordic Edge Expo the meeting place for everyone involved in smart cities and smart technology.

  • Nora Fanderl and Alexander Schmidt. Photo.

    Stavanger seen from the outside

    Representatives from the Fraunhofer Institute have for a week checked out Stavanger as a lighthouse city in the EU-funded smart city project Triangulum . – ‘Dugnad’ is a fine sum up word, they say.

  • Stavanger. Photo.

    Lyse in smart city program

    Innovation Norway launches its first FRAM Smart Cities initiative in Europe this week. Eight promising Norwegian technology companies are attending the first module in Barcelona, and five of them are from the Stavanger region.

  • Dr. Burton Lee. Photo.

    − The university is the engine

    The driver for economic growth in a region is the university, said the renowned Stanford professor dr. Burton Lee when he after an invitation from Lyse visited Stavanger.

  • Ivar Rusdal. Photo.

    More than 500 at Nordic Edge

    The theme smart cities and smart homes has drawn more than 500 guests to Nordic Edge Expo in Stavanger. The conference came to be in a short amount of time, but has managed a good programme and receives credits for great organization.

Financial information

Key figures

Tangible fixed assets by business area

Figures in NOK millions
Hydropower production 7343GWh
Measured efficiency transfer114,7%
EBITDA telecom859MNOK

Figures from 2016. For supplementary information see the official financial statements

Current projects

  • A stronger central grid


    In recent years, Lyse and Statnett have been working to establish a new electricity supply to the region. Sør-Rogaland is one of the areas in the country with the worst electricity supply reliability.

  • Smart homes

    Light switch. Photo.

    Smartly is Lyse's new focus on making the home safer, simpler and more eco-friendly. The customer controls the lighting, heating, alarm and many more home functions from a single remote control in a tablet computer or smartphone.

  • New power plant in Lysebotn

    Lysebotn viewed from the sky

    Lyse is building a new hydroelectric power plant in Lysebotn that will replace the current power plant. The new power plant uses existing reservoirs and dams, but utilises the resources better and thus increases the generation of renewable energy. This is one of the biggest hydroelectric power projects in Norway.

  • Triangulum

    Triangulum. Illustration.

    Triangulum is Stavanger, Manchester and Eindhoven's joint project under EU's Horizon 2020 programme to develop smart solutions for a sustainable urbanisation in the future.

  • Automatic electricity meters


    Pursuant to the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate's regulation relating to AMS (automatic measurement systems), Lyse will be visiting all of its over 140,000 mains customers to install a new automatic electricity meter by 1 January 2019.

  • Hydroelectric projects


    Lyse aims to utilise the potential for profitable developments within hydroelectric power. In addition to the new power plant in Lysebotn several smaller projects are being reviewed. To qualify for the electricity certificate scheme the projects must be put into production during the course of 2020.

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