Svein Gjedrem

Board member

Svein Gjedrem is economist (born 1950). Svein Gjedrem was elected to the Group Board in spring 2018.

Gjedrem has previously served as central bank manager and finance council. He was the Governor of the Central Bank (1999 - 2010) and head of the Norges Bank Executive Board. He has long experience from the Ministry of Finance, where he has been financial advisory in two rounds (2011 - 2014 and 1995 -1998). He is originally from Finnøy and lives now in Oslo.

Gjedrem is the chairman of the board in Helse Bergen Hf and Helse Sørøst Rht, as well as the deputy chairman of the Stavangerske Dampskibsselskab AS and board member of Akershus University Hospital.

Gjedrem was elected Chairman of the OECD Land Hearing Committee in March 2018.

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