Lyse Produksjon AS

Lyse Produksjon owns power plants and is responsible for operations and maintenance, water management and generation management. This involves a strong focus on generation management and contributes to getting the highest possible value from the water in our plant. The company has a financial power portfolio and currency portfolio for the risk management of revenues from generation.

The company also runs a trading operation under its own management and administers external and internal power portfolios. The company performs the analysis, reporting and clearing functions at wholesale level for the entire Group and also has some external customers.

The company looks at potential projects that can increase hydroelectric power generation. The biggest project currently being planned is a new power plant in Lysebotn. 

Bjørn Aase Honningsvåg

CEO of Lyse Produksjon AS

The Board


Leiv Ingve Ørke

Executive Vice President of Lyse's energy business area.

Board members

  • Leiv Inge Ørke
  • Jone Heggheim
  • Leif Nesse
  • Asbjørn Høivik
  • Turid Marie Espeset
  • Gyrid Holmen
  • Solveig Gjerde Hjelle
  • Lars Yngve Garpestad
  • Robert Ediassen


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