Triangulum is Stavanger, Manchester and Eindhoven's joint project under EU's Horizon 2020 programme to develop smart solutions for a sustainable urbanisation in the future.

Hillevåg. Photo.

Follower cities Prague, Leipzig and Sabadell will replicate and test solutions in their cities.

From Stavanger the municipality, university, county, Greater Stavanger and Lyse will participate.

Examples of what that will be implemented in Stavanger in the next four years:

  • Stavanger municipality's own project is "City goes Zero." It involves a new renewable energy plant in the city’s swimming pool that can connect with two adjacent administration buildings and shopping and office premises. CO2 emissions are reduced and energy efficiency improved maximum, by using heat and cooling production for heating and cooling of adjacent buildings, and the residual heat will not disappear over the roof. Altogether, this building is of a large enough volume that the solution can also be repeated in the follower cities.
  • 100 houses and a school and a nursing home (in Hillevåg) will be equipped with new technology and the gateway from Lyse, and new energy-based services will be tested.
  • Welfare technology and particularly the use of video to be tested.
  • Rogaland county with Kolumbus buy and test three battery-powered buses in regular scheduled services. Here is also the charging of electric vehicles essential.
  • UiS develops a cloud platform and processes all data from the three cities.
  • Greater Stavanger ensures dissemination of results in the region and the member municipalities have access to the project results.

Some of the criteria have been that there already has to be plans and budgets for the measures, and that they contribute to reductions in CO2. EU reimburses some of the costs after the projects are completed.

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