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Smartly is Lyse's new focus on making the home safer, simpler and more eco-friendly. The customer controls the lighting, heating, alarm and many more home functions from a single remote control in a tablet computer or smartphone.

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The home of the future involves home automation, security and welfare services. Smartly makes homes smarter, safer and more comfortable. Depending on what the customer wants to manage, wireless technology is installed in for instance underfloor heating, heaters, hot water tank, and lamps. These communicate with your smartphone or your tablet via a gateway and the Internet. In addition to a smart control panel in the hallway and design switches in every room, this gives the customer full control both at home and on the go.

Water and space heating accounts for approximately 70 to 80 percent of the electricity bill, without the customers having any overview of what uses how much. Smartly gives full control over power consumption throughout the day. New technology allows customers to use the heat when they actually need it, and adaptive heating system takes into account the outside temperature so that it is comfortable inside at the right time.

Lyse works closely with regional partners in developing the complete smart home. Sandnes-based Systemair residential ventilation can be controlled with Smartly. NorDan at Moi develops smart windows and doors. The keyless door unlocks with PIN code, RFID tag or from your smartphone or tablet. Camera and microphone lets the customer see and speak with the caller and everything is collected and integrated into a small panel on the outside of the door.

Smart homes have long been for those with big budgets and a special interest in technology. The ambition is that Smartly lowers both technology and the price threshold.

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