New power plant in Lysebotn

Lyse is building a new hydroelectric power plant in Lysebotn that will replace the current power plant. The new power plant uses existing reservoirs and dams, but utilises the resources better and thus increases the generation of renewable energy. This is one of the biggest hydroelectric power projects in Norway.

The new power plant will give 15 per cent more clean energy than the old power plant. In total the new power plant will generate enough electricity each year for 75,000 households, i.e. generation of 1,500 GWh each year (millions of kWh). The project involves building new water tunnels and a new, larger power station in the mountain. The power plant itself will be situated 1,500 metres inside the mountain.

brosjyre ONSThe existing Lysebotn power plant gradually became operational in the period from 1953 to 1964, and is approaching 60 years of age. Many of the parts in the power plant are nearing their technical/economic lifetime. The power plant was the biggest in Norway at the time it was completed, and is Lyse's largest wholly-owned power plant.

The new power plant is being built at the same time as the old power plant is in full operation. Power generation will not be significantly affected during the construction phase. The existing power plant will be on standby until the new one is running reliably. It is scheduled to begin operating in spring 2018.

The project has a separate website where you can find news stories and various documents related to the project:

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