Automatic electricity meters

Pursuant to the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate's regulation relating to AMS (automatic measurement systems), Lyse will be visiting all of its over 140,000 mains customers to install a new automatic electricity meter by 1 January 2019.

Benefits to the customer and to Lyse

With the new automatic electricity meter, customers no longer need to read their meters. Every hour the meter automatically sends a reading to Lyse, and the bill will always be an accurate reflection of what the electricity costs when the customer uses it. Through the customer's online account at Lyse's website or an application on a smartphone or tablet computer it is easy for the customer to maintain a full overview of electricity usage.

For Lyse the new meters for all mains customers will mean a much better and more accurate picture of the capacity situation in the grid in the future. The rollout of the meters is also connected to an increasingly extensive instrumentation of network stations to provide an even better overview.

Major logistical operation

This is Lyse's greatest logistical challenge ever. The task of visiting absolutely everyone in our region places high demands on both customer communication prior to the installation and on the electricians who will actually conduct the work.

Those who have received and will receive new meters up to late autumn 2014 are those who have ordered lighting or heating control from Smartly. When Lyse begins a larger rollout towards the end of 2014 and well into 2015 the majority of meter installations will be at customers who are being visited by the electrician for other reasons. These may be customers who want to exchange the home centre from Altibox, or who have ordered smart house products from Smartly.

In 2016 a geographic and dedicated rollout of the meters will be well underway.

For frequently asked questions from customers concerning automatic electricity meters, click on this link.

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