What is Lyse and what would you become part of? Our core values accompany us in everything we do - and we are clear, responsible and courageous team players!



  • dare to be innovative
  • challenge yourself and seek out new knowledge
  • dare to own up to mistakes
  • be honest


  • strive for simplicity and clarity
  • work purposefully
  • communicate clearly
  • place demands on each other


  • consider what is right and wrong
  • deliver as agreed
  • understand and manage risks
  • set a good example

Team player

  • share experiences and help others to succeed
  • create results together
  • respect everyone regardless of stage of life
  • infect others with your positive attitude


Our four Group values reflect our choice of values when it comes to corporate social responsibility. Lyse wants a vibrant local community and contributes to regional development. We give back to our 16 ownership municipalities – something YOU will do too by choosing us.


Think smart - think local - think Lyse.

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