Successful Start For Replication in Sabadell

Replication is one of the important benefits within the Horizon 2020-programme which Triangulum and Lyse is a part of. Last month this actually happened when Lyses video conference service to end users was tested in Sabadell.

On the 28th of March Lyse successfully replicated the Blink service in the headquarters of AVAN in Sabadell and made pilot installations in the home of three different users. AVAN is an organization that does rehabilitation for patients that suffer from different neuro phycological diseases. AVAN has done the last two of a total of five pilot installations in patient homes themselves.

The Blink service brings Full-HD video conference service to end user’s TVs, as well as Android and iOS based smart phones and tablets. Smartphones and tablets is typically used by mobile health personnel or family and friends.

AVAN will use the service to follow up on their users for therapy and rehabilitation, and they will conduct a three-month research project where each user has three weekly consultations using the Blink solution, with the purpose of documenting effect.

The Blink solution can also be implemented at the patient’s close family or friends, thus providing more social contact and activity. The Blink solution can also provide sensor signals from medical devices like oximeter and spirometers, but this functionality will not be tested in Sabadell.

All the users tested the service themselves, and Lyse experienced a warm welcome and interest from both users and their relatives. Councilor for Social Action Gabriel Fernàndez i Díaz from Sabadell municipality tested the service to call the different homes.

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