Ivar Rusdal. Photo.
Chairman Ivar Rusdal looks forward to hosting the Nordic Edge Expo this fall.

Save the date for Nordic Edge

The Nordic Edge Expo conference is arranged in Stavanger on the 17th and 18th of September. Its goal is to create an international arena for everyone interested in the development of smart homes and smart societies.

Smarter cities and smarter homes create a new market in which technology, infrastructure and innovation are linked together. Nordic Edge Expo contributes to exchanging knowledge and inspiration between creators of smart homes, smart cities and smart societies. The participants will learn about the possibilities in this new market, learn from international experts and meet up with entrepreneurs, governmental purchasing managers as well as suppliers.

− Nordic Edge will offer exciting presentations from international experts and exhibitions with technical suppliers. For the participants the conference will also offer the possibilities of expanding one’s professional and business networks, says Ivar Rusdal, chairman of Nordic Edge Expo.

Read more about the program and the conference at http://www.nordicedgeexpo.com

− This year the conference is the most important part of Nordic Edge Expo. We are aiming to expand the exhibition next year, says Ivar Rusdal.

Nordic Edge. Logo.European laboratory for smart cities
Although the Stavanger region is large in the Norwegian context (it is the country's third largest urban region with apprx 350,000 inhabitants) it is still small in a global comparison. With the infrastructure and the institutions and businesses that are already in place here, Stavanger is an ideal "laboratory" for developing and testing the smart products and services that large urban areas will need in a future that is not far away. In 2050 - within our children's generation - it is estimated that at least 70 % of all people in the world will live in cities.

This special position was recognised by the European Union when Stavanger, together with Eindhoven and Manchester, recently was awarded the € 25M Triangulum project under the European Commission's Horizon 2020 programme. This project will demonstrate cutting-edge smart city technologies that may subsequently be rolled out globally.

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