Eimund Nygaard. Photo.
− People in general call us Lyse, says Eimund Nygaard.

New name for Lyse

The Lyse Group has gone from producing and distributing electricity to getting a strong foothold within telecom and IT. Therefore the group changes name from Lyse Energi AS to Lyse AS.

The Lyse Group has gone through a substantial transformation the past 17 years. It has gone from being a producer and distributor of electricity to running a successful business within both new forms of energy as well as fibre broadband, smart homes and welfare technology.

− People in general call us Lyse, but this name change is also symbolic. The group's strategy has been to establish more legs to support us. We now see the fruits of this when the electricity prices fall and we can compensate with income from the telecom and LNG business areas, says Lyse's CEO Eimund Nygaard.

The name change was decided in the general assembly on Thursday 30 April. The company Lyse AS, who is responsible for customer contact and billing, simultaneously changes name to Lyse Dialog AS.

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