Ivar Rusdal. Photo.
Chairman Ivar Rusdal was the host at Nordic Edge Expo. Photo: Bitmap

More than 500 at Nordic Edge

The theme smart cities and smart homes has drawn more than 500 guests to Nordic Edge Expo in Stavanger. The conference came to be in a short amount of time, but has managed a good programme and receives credits for great organization.


− These two days have surpassed our expectations. If I am to emphasise  one thing it is the almost electrical buzz between the participants. We have really hit a nerve. Now we are looking forward to raising the bar even higher for Nordic Edge 2016, says Ivar Rusdal, chairman at Nordic Edge Expo.

Important meeting place
Behind the conference is among others Lyse, Stavanger municipality and the city’s university. The goal is growth and for the conference to be a yearly meeting place and a window toward the world.

− This has a positive effect on all of us. There are many experts on smart cities here, says Helen Campbell , ambassador for the European Union to Norway.

− The Nordic Edge Expo has immediately confirmed its position as an important meeting place for inspiration and exchange of experience in a North European setting. This is not only a position for the Stavanger-region, but also for Norway, says Harald Minge, CEO of the Stavanger chamber of commerce.

Nordic Edge. Photo.

Citizens as sensors
The four cities Helsinki, San Fransisco, Stockholm and Stavanger participate in different projects to become smart. Many of them meet the same challenges, but tackle them differently.

− Technology is not the issue. The greatest challenge is that all departments in the city administration and companies think inside their own silos. We need to find the solutions across at the top which provide smart services for the inhabitants, says Param Singh, associate professor from San Fransisco.

− Our citizens are our best sensors in the smart city. It is important to get them interested, says Gustav Landahl, climate and environmental strategist from Stockholm.

Stockholm has made an application where citizens can report on faults or things that need to be changed. They can photograph graffiti on a building, transfer the image through the app and get a notification once the graffiti has been washed away.

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