Picture of Chief Executive Offer at Altibox, Thomas Skjelbred.
Altibox went against the grain, and increased its TV distribution in 2017. "Traditional TV content on the big screen is in good shape", says Chief Executive Offer at Altibox, Thomas Skjelbred.

Altibox breathes new life into TV

Altibox went against the grain, and increased its TV distribution in 2017. "Traditional TV content on the big screen is in good shape", says Chief Executive Offer at Altibox, Thomas Skjelbred.

In the summer of 2017 Altibox launched its new TV platform which meets today’s needs for flexible channel selection, streaming services and access to content anywhere, anytime, and on either the big or small screen. This has been a hit with Altibox customers.
“The interest from our customers over the whole country has been much bigger than we ever dared imagine. Altibox’s new TV service has been a great success”, says Chief Executive Officer Thomas Skjelbred.

Increase customer satisfaction
Since launch almost 100.000 Norwegian households have started using the new platform, and every day Altibox’s local partners receive a large number of new orders.
“Altibox’s new TV service has given us a boost in the market. As well as an increase in TV customers, we have a higher ARPU among customers on the new platform, and we also see that TV churn is halved when compared with H1 2017” says Skjelbred

A recently conducted user survey also reveals a significant increase in customer satisfaction among those on our new platform. 
“That suggests that we are increasing our relevance for customers, which makes us really happy” says Skjelbred.

Sleepless entertainment offer 
Customers with Altibox’s new TV service have access to around 200 000 films, series episodes, archived programmes and apps. If it is assumed that each of these titles lasts for one hour, it would take six hours of viewing every day for 90 years to watch all the available content.
“Customers get access to everything they want in an ‘entertainment store’ which is open all day long and contains content for children, teenagers and adults. We are convinced that the flexible user experience that our TV and entertainment service offers will change Norwegians TV habits” says Skjelbred.

By making a large amount of content available anytime anywhere Altibox is breathing new life into programmes which have traditionally followed a fixed schedule.
“Traditional, linear TV viewing is in good shape. It is just that customers want to watch relevant content when it suits them, and not necessarily when it is scheduled. As a distributor, we must make it simple for our customers to find and stream the content they want” says Skjelbred.

Integrate apps in the set top box
The company’s statistics show that customers with new Altibox TV are regular users of time shifted TV and streaming. One in four customers on the new Altibox platform subscribes to HBO Nordic, which is one of the streaming serivces integrated into the platform together with NRK, NRK Super, Toonix, Disney Channels Xtra and Disney Movies on Demand.
“Our customers were quick to select HBO Nordic as part of their TV offer. We have clearly anticipated viewing habits by offering attractive content in this way”, says Skjelbred.

In the course of the spring ABC Studios on Demand and Viasat Film Favourites will also be launched on the platform. 
“We have made it really easy to be an Altibox customer. Customers can use the same remote control for both streaming, video on demand, and linear TV. This is just a taster of the exciting integrations and flexible content that is coming on Altibox’s new TV service” says Skjelbred.

Contact person for media enquiries:
Thomas Skjelbred, Chief Executive Officer, 909 56 776 (thomas.skjelbred@altibox.no)

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