Lyse Elnett

Lyse Elnett is the local grid operator to 12 municipalities in the south of Rogaland.

Lyse Elnett is the local grid operator to Stavanger, Sandnes, Sola, Randaberg, Finnøy, Rennesøy, Forsand, Strand, Time, Gjesdal, Hjelmeland and Kvitsøy municipalities. The grid operator is responsible for developing, operating and maintaining the electricity network in this region.

The transmission of electricity over the power grid is a monopoly business which is controlled and regulated by the authorities through the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE). Everyone who has electricity supplied to their building pays a grid rental fee to the grid operator. The grid rental fee covers the costs incurred by the grid operator in ensuring a stable and robust power grid in the region. 



  • CEO: Håvard Tamburstuen
  • CFO: Marianne Frøystad Ånestad
  • Director Development: Rannveig Eidem Norfolk
  • Director project: Lars Andre Kalve
  • Director Operation and Maintenance: Frank Boholm
  • Director Mounting: Atle Havnerås
  • Director HSEQ: Egil Johansen


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