Flørli power plant

Flørli is situated in Forsand municipality in the mountain at Lysefjorden. The first power plant started generating electricity in 1918. It was originally planned to provide power to a melting plant, but in the end this was never built. The old power plant was replaced by the current station in 1999.

Store Flørlivatn is the intake reservoir for the power plant. In addition Hogganvatn, Øvre Flørlivatn and Vassleia are accompanying catchment areas.

The old station as well as the pipes extending down the mountainside remain there to this day. Beside the pipes there is a wooden stairway with 4,444 steps as well as a cable car. The old power plant is now used as an exhibition space and cafe.


Completed: 1918, new power station finished in 1999. 
Catchment area: 47 km2
Fall height: 777 m
Annual generation: 290 GWh
Installed output: 80 MW

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