Lyse was early in using fibre-optic cables to remotely control power plants. Based on its experiences with fibre-optic technology Lyse started a company in 1995 that delivered fibre-optic broadband to other companies in the region. The business was sold in 2001 at a profit of more than NOK 500 million.



Based on prior experience and capital Lyse formed a company in 2002 to deliver fibre-optic broadband to private customers in Sør-Rogaland. Through the same fibre-optic cable Lyse delivered TV, internet and telephony. The aim was to have 27,000 customers in 2017. The fibre-optic product was soon in demand, both in our own region and by other power companies in Norway. Therefore Lyse established a partnership concept and the product as a separate brand. Through the Altibox brand there are now over 430,000 households in Norway that have fibre-optic broadband based on the concept developed by Lyse. In Sør-Rogaland Lyse has more than 70,000 customers.

The telecommunication business is now established as a separate business area in the Group and is responsible for a growing proportion of Lyse's sales.

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