Smart house services

In recent years Lyse has worked on assessing the potential for commercialisation of services within the "Smart" area, where the purpose is to combine infrastructure with expertise within energy and telecommunication.


The Board resolved to take the first commercial step within this area by adopting the business plan for Smart services in 2012. The aim is to establish a digital platform for useful services, initially to customers in Lyse's grid area. The plan is to be able to offer services and products within energy saving, comfort and safety services. The services are established under the brand name Smartly. For further information visit


Lyse aims to make it easy for the customer by collecting the key home control systems in one place. In this way the customer can easily optimise their energy consumption and control other important useful functions in the home.


This platform will also be the foundation for potential welfare solutions that will be able to be realised later on. The platform will also be able to be the foundation for all types of measurement in the home (for example water consumption and radon) and new services to streamline operation of the power grid.




Welfare technology

During 2011, 2012 and now extending to 2013, Lyse has conducted a pilot project involving the use of sensor technology to see whether the elderly and others with special needs can utilise this to live longer, more safely and with greater security in their own homes. The project is a collaboration between Lyse, Altibox, Stavanger University Hospital, the University of Stavanger, Stavanger and Randaberg municipality.

A total of 15 new services have been tested, and several of the services are now entering a commercialisation phase. The other services remain in the pilot phase for further learning.

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