Development and innovation

Each individual company in Lyse is responsible for research and development related to its own core business activities. We have also established a central department in the parent company; this works with opportunities that are not picked up within the individual companies, or that span several business areas.

Relevant innovation projects are described in more detail at the website 


Lyse is active in a number of research projects in which both national and international universities are participating, and several of these projects are backed by public funds from the Research Council of Norway, Innovation Norway and the EU, among others.

The University of Stavanger (UiS) is vitally important with regard to Lyse's research and development projects, including through CIPSI (Center for IP-based Service Innovation) and CenSe (Center for Sustainable Energy Solutions). Lyse is keen to collaborate with UiS, for example to develop relevant regional expertise.

You will soon be able to read more about ongoing innovation projects at the website

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