Høgamork power plant

Madlandsvatn and Oltedalsvatn in Gjesdal municipality. The two lakes are currently regulated and are used as regulation reservoirs for Oltedal and Oltesvik power plants. The river Madlandselva currently flows between the two lakes in the natural riverbed.

In the project the power station is presently planned to be situated to the south east of Oltedalsvatnet. The tunnel intake is planned to be positioned under the water on the north side of Madlandsvatn.
The planned power station will generate 37.6 GWh of renewable energy each year. This is sufficient to supply about 2,000 homes with electricity.

During summer 2013 a survey programme was undertaken to study the water quality in Madlandselva throughout the summer half year. Measuring rods have been set up in the watercourse to enable the waterflow in Madlandselva to be read at all times with the help of a conversion table attached to the measuring rod. On two occasions water has been released from Madlandsvatn that is equivalent to the proposed minimum water flow, and the landowners have been invited on an inspection tour.

In the report that was circulated for consultation two different alternatives for the intake to Madlandsvatnet were proposed. Alternative 1 in which the intake is proposed to be at the outlet of Madlandsvatnet close to the existing dam has been put aside due to the objections it elicited. The proposed stream intake in Vølstadbekken is no longer an option either.
In the licence application it was proposed to have an intake in the mountain about one kilometre east of the Madlandsvatnet outlet. The water would then flow in a tunnel through the mountain to the power station, with 85 metres of buried pipes from the tunnel portal and down to the power station.

A minimum water flow in Madlandselva of 220 litres per second throughout the year is planned, with measurement taking place at Madlandsosen, which corresponds to ordinary water flows.

Power generated by the power plant is led out via a new power line to Oltedal that is built in parallel with the existing high voltage power line over a distance of 2.5 km.

Existing roads up to Høgamork are upgraded over a distance of about 1.2 km, and from Høgamork the road is extended by about 620 metres up to the power station.

Contact persons:

Project manager Arild Stene
epost: arild.stene@lyse.no
tlf: 51908724

Power plant manager Bjørn Honningsvåg
Tlf: 51908612

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