Toril Nag

Executive Vice President, Customer service and Telecommunication

Executive Vice President Toril Nag (born 1964) is responsible for customer service and the telecommunications business area of the Lyse Group, including fiber infrastructure and digital services.

Executive Vice President Toril Nag, born 1964, is responsible for the telecommunications / technology business area in Lyse. The business area comprises a number of fiber companies in Norway and Denmark (including Lyse Fiber, Viken Fiber and more), and the subsidiary Altibox, which provides high-speed internet and digital entertainment services. Nag is also the chairman of Altibox Fiber Assets, which owns Lyse's holding in wholly and partly owned sea fiber cable companies for fiber out of Norway.

She is a Master of Science in Computer Science from the University of Strathclyde and has an additional degree in management from BI Norwegian Business School. Nag has management experience from major IT and telecom companies, banking and finance, and has broad board experience. Among other positions of trust, she is a chair of the industry organization ICT Norway, a member of the government-appointed Digitalization Council and the steering group of Digital21.

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