About our procurements

The procurement process in Lyse is based on clearly defined roles, responsibilities and decision gates. ​

Lyse’s overall procurement strategy is to make efficient, cost-effective and risk-managed procurements. Lyse exercises control of procurement categories because procurements are of material strategic importance to Lyse’s competitiveness and financial performance.

Lyse as client

Lyse focuses on good competitive tendering procedures and good business practice in its procurements. Lyse has established procedures to ensure equal treatment of suppliers and the best possible competitive tendering to ensure cost-effective procurements and verifiability. Lyse will be a professional and discerning client.

Some of the companies in the Group are required to comply with the public procurement regulations. This means that procurements must be made in accordance with the Public Procurement Act and the Regulations on Public Procurement in the Utilities Sector (‘the Utilities Regulations’).

The Supply Chain Unit in Lyse AS sets the premises and is technically responsible for the Group’s procurements and logistic processes and for tender procedures and procurement administration. The unit also assists and supports the individual subsidiaries in major procurement processes. Each of the subsidiaries may make procurements for their own business area.


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