For media

Here you will find our picture archive and Lyse TV, in addition to press releases, contact information for press information and press photos. We have also made publications and presentations by Lyse available.

Contact persons

These members of staff work with press and media contact for Lyse and may be contacted if you have any questions.

  • Ingvild Ween

    Ingvild Ween

    Communication manager
    Responsibilities: Contingency, power interruptions, issues concerning the power grid
    +47 934 88 116
  • Kristin Kalgraff
    Responsibilities: Content manager, communications advisor hydroelectric power , Editor of Lyse's internal publications and TV broadcast.
    +47 934 88 432
  • Lars Rasdal

    Lars Rasdal

    Communications Adviser
    Responsibilities: Altibox, fibre development and issues relating to telecommunication activities
    +47 934 88 142

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