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Privacy policy governing the way in which Lyse Energi AS collects and uses information about visitors to this website.


Lyse Energi AS collects visitor statistics for its websites using the analysis tool Google Analytics. The information is used to analyse how users use the website in order to further develop the website to meet user needs to the greatest extent possible.

If you would not like to be traced by this tool you can use this link to opt out of Google Analytics' use of anonymous data.

Cookies (information capsules)

Cookies (information capsules) are small text files placed on your computer when you access a website, such as The value of the cookies is exchanged between you and our website each time you view a page.

Among other things, Lyse Group uses cookies to generate visitor statistics through Google Analytics and to establish which unit (mobile, tablet, browser, etc.) you are using to visit the website in order to adapt the display of the contents in the best way possible. No personal data is stored in cookies on this website.

The following cookies are used by

  • CorePublishSesssion (Example value: admjn35ef979tatltnglptm511)
    This cookie is used to enable our publishing solution (CorePublish) to work. The value of the cookie is simply a randomly generated string of letters and numbers and contains no information. The cookie is removed from your computer when you close the browser.
  • ctdevicecachekey (Example value: ubuntu_gecko_20.0)
    This cookie is also used by our publishing tool and stores information about the unit and browser you are using in order for our websites to supply the correct content for the right type of unit (mobile, tablet, PC). The value of the cookie is simply a classification of the information already supplied to use by your browser via "User Agent String". The value is not stored in our web solution. The cookie will expire after one week.
  • Google Analytics Cookies (__utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmz)
    These are cookies used by Google Analytics.
  • oldbrowser (Value: 1)
    This is used for those users who use an old browser and is set if these users choose to close the warning.

Ved å besøke samtykker du i vår bruk av cookies. Bruk av cookies er en standard funksjonalitet som benyttes av de fleste nettsteder. Alle moderne nettlesere akspeterer bruken av cookies som standard, men de gir likevel mulighet til at man kan deaktivere bruken av disse. Vi gjør videre oppmerksom på at nettsiden muligens ikke vil fungere som forventet dersom man skrur av bruken av cookies.

By visiting you consent to our use of cookies. The use of cookies is a standard functionality used by most websites. All modern browsers accept the use of cookies as standard but allow the user to disable such use. We would also like to make you aware that the website may not work as expected if the use of cookies is disabled.


You can subscribe to our newsletter via this website by entering your e-mail address. To allow us to send you our newsletter, the e-mail address provided and the time of subscription will be stored in the database used by our publishing solution (CorePublish). This database is operated by the technology supplier for our website. The e-mail address will be deleted from the database should you unsubscribe from our newsletter.

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