Strict contingency requirements

Lyse Group is responsible for infrastructure which is critical for society, such as the power grid. There are extremely strict requirements in respect of security of supply and contingency. The Group has four operating centres with 24/7 operation, one for the power grid and power production, one for the LNG plant, one for the alarm centre and one for the fibre grid.

Power grid

The main principle of electricity supply is that it must be possible to maintain the supply even if a fault arises on a line or cable. 

Lyse Elnett is among the grid operators in the country with few power outages lasting for any amount of time. The uptime of the powder grid is around 99.994 percent in a normal year. Nevertheless it remains important to have a contingency organisation in place to rectify faults regardless of when in the day they occur.

Lyse has an extensive response team presence of 80 employees, who are called out to return power to customers as soon as possible should a fault occur. There are separate instructions in place for response team members, in which requirements are set out in respect of response time and availability. In the week in which an employee is on duty, they will take their car everywhere they go and be ready to respond. They are for example not permitted to travel far away to visit someone during the week in which they are on duty.

Remote control of power plants

The operating centre not only monitors the power grid and affiliated systems but also monitors Lyse's district heating grid and gas grid.  The power plants are also controlled and monitored from the operating centre.

Several of the power plants are situated inside mountains where there are particularly strict requirements in place concerning safety and contingency. Lyse Produksjon, which owns the power plants, has a separate contingency organisation in place to handle any incidents that may arise.

Fibre network

Altibox has a separate operating centre to monitor the national fibre network. The operating centre is manned 24/7 all year round. The partnership ensures that Altibox has local personnel available to respond in the event of any fibre interruptions in the partners' fibre networks.

LNG plant

Skangass, which is wholly owned by Lyse, has a separate operating centre at the LNG plant in Risavika. The centre monitors the all the processes of the plant and is staffed 24 hours a day. Read more about contingency and safety at the plant here




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