Visjon og strategi

Vision and strategy

We develop the infrastructure of tomorrow and unique energy and technology services.

Lyse is a long-term industrial company with a regional strategic perspective, a regional engine that will ensure financial returns as well as satisfactory supply reliability for our owner municipalities.

Our business idea

Lyse builds and operates large energy plants and critical public infrastructure within energy and fibre optics, through which we supply competitive, environmentally sound and modern services.

Strategy 2020

On 25 November 2012 the Group Board of Directors passed a resolution on the strategy for the coming eight years, "Strategy 2020". Through the strategy the Board will target and clarify Lyse's tasks and opportunities in the period

Lyse's five main strategic areas:

1. Renewable energy 

  • Lyse shall further develop its position as an important national player by realising new profitable and certificate entitled investments within water and wind. 
  • Lyse shall further develop its position as an important vendor of electricity in the end-user market through product development and growth.


2. District heating and biogas 

  • Lyse shall continue developing a diversified and profitable infrastructure in the region by further developing the district heating network and introducing biogas in the gas network. 
  • The increased use of renewable energy sources in the transport sector shall be stimulated by building refuelling stations for electricity and biogas. 


3. Electricity grid 

  • Lyse aims to be the most efficient and profitable grid operator in Norway through revitalising operations and development. 
  • Lyse shall maintain a high degree of supply reliability in the regional and distribution grids, including by utilising new technological opportunities. 


4. Fibre 

  • Lyse shall secure a continued dominant challenger role in the fibre market through organic growth and acquisitions and/or consolidation. 


5. Technology 

  • Lyse shall offer an attractive and competitive portfolio of services by further developing Altibox as a leading technology company for new innovative services via the fibre-optic infrastructure. 
  • Lyse shall utilise its advantage at the intersection between infrastructure and technology to develop the services of tomorrow within energy management, energy efficiency and welfare technology.

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