Visjon og strategi

Vision and strategy

We develop the infrastructure of tomorrow and unique energy and technology services.

Lyse is a long-term industrial company with a regional strategic perspective, a regional engine that will ensure financial returns as well as satisfactory supply reliability for our owner municipalities.

Our business idea

Lyse builds and operates large energy plants and critical public infrastructure within energy and fibre optics, through which we supply competitive, environmentally sound and modern services.

Goals for 2020

The Lyse Group has the following goals for 2020:


Profit after taxes of NOK 1 billion 

Based on our current knowledge of market development and other conditions, the Board is of the opinion that it is realistic to reach the goal towards the end of the strategy period. The trend in financial performance indicates significant dividends - almost a doubling - to the shareholders in comparison to the 2012 level. The Group is now seeing the benefits from the telecommunication business area which, with the strengthening we are now witnessing, will contribute to safeguarding the Group's overall financial situation.


Increased customer satisfaction and best reputation in the domestic market

The majority of the market is in neighbouring areas, which increases vulnerability with regard to reputation and requires active monitoring.


Continued profitable growth in the core areas through an investment programme of up to NOK 10 billion for the period 

Lyse has to manage the powerful growth in the region and maintain the supply reliability of all infrastructures. In addition, more renewable energy shall be developed, and a robust energy system in other respects that enables locally produced energy. Lyse will continue the growth within fibre-optic based broadband.


Digitalise and automate the region 

Lyse wants to participate in digitalising and automating the home region and thus make it even more competitive through new services in the intersection between the business areas of energy and telecommunication/IT. 

The strategic goals of the Stavanger region are to establish and further develop an expansive environment within outstanding research and innovation, something Lyse will contribute with.


Be an attractive employer for our employees

In order for Lyse to reach its strategic business goals, access to and development of critical expertise are considered to be decisive factors. Lyse will adopt a personnel policy that makes it attractive to work at the Group. Lyse is an Inclusive Workplace company.


Maintain our good HSE results (Health, Safety, Environment)

Lyse's business involves substantial operating activities where, in parts of the business, there is also a significant risk to people (high voltage, etc.). The Group has attained good HSE results through targeted efforts.


Maintain a credit rating of BBB+ or better

The financial strategy shall facilitate financial flexibility as well as maintain favourable financial conditions.

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