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We are proud to sponsor regional energy sources.

Lyse is among the proudest sponsors in the region when it comes to sports, culture and community. We can be found everywhere there are people, providing support in the form of power, fibre-optics or gas. We also provide funding for causes important to the people of Sør-Rogaland.

Viking FK is one of the causes important to us and perhaps the collaboration most people are aware of. This collaboration has been ongoing for 20 years. We also collaborate with other important foundations, organisations and teams that we are happy to support.

Through the Lyse Spirer scheme we contribute to stimulating the diversity of organised activities available in the region and each year we distribute around 4500 safety vests to all first year pupils in Sør-Rogaland. Lyse's Forskningspris (research award) is awarded every autumn.

Below you can read more about the organisations, clubs and cultural causes we contribute to and the reasons why we think it is important to contribute. 

Best in vest

Each year we hand out 4,500 safety vests to first year pupils in the region.

Lyse is a company owned by 16 municipalities in Rogaland. In addition to supplying power, telecommunications and infrastructure, we also ensure the development of new technology. But we also have another important task that we take very seriously and that is our corporate social responsibility when it comes to children and youth. Through our sponsorships we allocate large sums for this purpose every year. Nevertheless, at Lyse our favourite task is to hand out safety vests, something we do every autumn to all new pupils in their first year of school.

Lyse wants to contribute to ensuring that children are more visible for motorists and cyclists and we therefore hand out 4500 safety vests every year across 100 or so schools in Sør-Rogaland. Many of the vests are received by children who might be about to navigate traffic on their own for the first time. 2014 is the 13th year running in which Lyse will hand out safety vests to first year pupils in Sør-Rogaland. In these years close to 50,000 vests have been handed out.

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