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We are proud to sponsor regional energy sources.

Lyse is among the proudest sponsors in the region when it comes to sports, culture and community. We can be found everywhere there are people, providing support in the form of power, fibre-optics or gas. We also provide funding for causes important to the people of Sør-Rogaland.

Viking FK is one of the causes important to us and perhaps the collaboration most people are aware of. This collaboration has been ongoing for 20 years. We also collaborate with other important foundations, organisations and teams that we are happy to support.

Through the Lyse Spirer scheme we contribute to stimulating the diversity of organised activities available in the region and each year we distribute around 4500 safety vests to all first year pupils in Sør-Rogaland. Lyse's Forskningspris (research award) is awarded every autumn.

Below you can read more about the organisations, clubs and cultural causes we contribute to and the reasons why we think it is important to contribute. 

Lyse Spirer - supporting the next generation

Lyse has been building communities for more than 100 years. Corporate environmental and social responsibility will continue to characterise our activities going forward.

An example of a grant which supports the community is Lyse Spirer, a grant scheme established to stimulate the diversity of organised children's and youth activities in Sør-Rogaland.

Every year a certain amount of money is made available for allocation among applicants. The money will be used for specific projects on behalf of the applying team/association. In 2014 the amount has been set at 500,000 Norwegian kroner, which will be divided into six application periods of two months each. The grants that can be applied for vary and the maximum amount is 7,000 Norwegian kroner.

Would you like to find out more or apply for funding? Visit Lyse Spirer here.

If your application relates to support for adults over the age of 18, you can send an e-mail to

All applications will be assessed and answered by e-mail within one month of receipt. Remember to include information about what organisation you are requesting support on behalf of, what the funds will be used for, as well as the contact person's name, phone number and e-mail address.

Lyse does not sponsor:

  • Clubs, associations or events outside of Sør-Rogaland
  • Individuals or personal aims
  • Political or religious causes
  • Travel activities

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