Business areas

Lyse has three business areas: energy, infrastructure and telecommunication.

  • Fibre

    Lyse started rolling out fibre-optic cables between its network stations back in the late 1980s, but it was not until 2002 that the business idea of fibre to private customers was realised. The target then was to gain 28,000 customers by 2017. In 2016 the Altibox partnership customer base passed 430.000.

    Fibre-optic cables provide almost unlimited data capacity for both uploading and downloading, the customer is not required to share the capacity with their neighbours and the technology is organised for a growing knowledge society.

    Illustrasjonsfoto: grønn fiberkabel
  • Content services

    The content company Altibox was founded to provide customers with content that is suited to the fiber-optic technology. The best IP TV service in the market, safe and stable broadband telephone service and internet with extreme capacity are the core products, and the company steadily develops pioneering and unique services within the various areas.

    The partnership structure means that 40 partners, such as Lyse, NTE and Viken Fiber, deliver Altibox products over their own fibre-optic networks to customers across the country.

    Illustrasjonsfoto: Grønne ledninger
  • Smart house

    Lyse is offering smart home products under the brand name Smartly, designed for simple remote control of the home's most important functions. The services lie at the intersection of energy and telecommunications, and provide benefits to the customer, society and Lyse.

    Illustrasjonsfoto: Smarthus

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