Business areas

Lyse has three business areas: energy, infrastructure and telecommunication.

Lyse is in a region replete with renewable energy that we know to appreciate. For us it is important to utilise the local energy resources in the best way possible. Lyse shall be in the vanguard of development within new forms of energy.

  • Hydroelectric power

    Hydroelectric power is our most climate-friendly and renewable source of energy. In our region nature has endowed us with beneficial conditions for generating hydroelectric power. For over 100 years Lyse has been generating power from the mountains of Sør-Rogaland.

    Lyse currently has 11 wholly-owned power plants, as well as ownership interests in Sira-Kvina, Ulla-Førre and Jørpeland Kraft. We are the 6th largest producer of hydroelectric power in Norway, measured by generation volume.

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    Vannkraft er vår mest miljøvennlige og fornybare energikilde.
  • District heating

    District heating is hot water that is distributed through insulated pipes to commercial buildings and homes. Lyse's district heating network can utilise different energy sources such as waste heat from incinerating rubbish, bioenergy, gas, heat pumps or electricity.

    District heating is mainly used for heating as well as hot water. Lyse is a co-owner of Bærheim Heating Plant, the rubbish incineration facility at Forus. Here a valuable resource that is found in the region is used to generate district heating and electricity. 

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    Fjernvarme er varmt vann som føres i rør og kan brukes til blant annet oppvarming av bygg.
  • Biogas

    Consider that sewage can become valuable energy. Thanks to Lyse's gas network the biogas energy resource can be easily used in the region for everything from fuel to heating and industrial processes.

    Rogaland has the best conditions for local biogas production in the country through the large population of livestock we have here. In total Sør-Rogaland has sufficient raw materials to generate an amount of biogas that is equivalent to the current usage of natural gas. 

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    Lyse har flere fyllestasjoner for biogass i regionen.
  • Natural gas

    Natural gas is a safe and reasonable energy source that provides efficient energy utilisation. Gas is a good solution for energy intensive industries with production equipment, greenhouses and processes that require high temperatures.

    Lyse has built a gas network that stretches from Rennesøy in the north to Hå in the south. A nice thing about the gas network is that we can utilise the same network to distribute biogas produced by food waste and sewage sludge.

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    Lyse har et stor gassnett i regionen som frakter gass fram til kundene.
  • Cooling

    Lyse has found a treasure that lies 100 metres deep in Gandsfjorden. Namely cold water that remains frigid all year round. This is the most eco-friendly and energy efficient cooling we can offer.

    Cold water is pumped up to an energy centre on land from which it is distributed via our cooling network to trade and industry in Sør-Rogaland. 

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  • LNG

    Not every region has access to gas through a network of pipes like we have in Rogaland. The distribution of LNG makes natural gas available to larger industrial customers which are established outside existing gas markets.

    The LNG plant in Risavika is one of Europe's most modern facilities. The quantity of LNG produced here is equivalent to the energy requirements of two cities the size of Stavanger.

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